Renewal – Terms of Service

Engaging Yates IP to attend to renewing a trademark registration

This service is offered for a flat fee of $200.00 (CAD) plus the Government registration fee of $350.00 (CAD) for a total of $550.00 per registration renewal.

Our service includes:

  • Filing a renewal request with CIPO together with payment of the government renewal fee;
  • reviewing the renewal certificate for accuracy;
  • reporting to you with a copy of the renewal certificate and further renewal deadlines.

Optional services:

  • appointing our firm as the new Representative for service – this will ensure that we receive all CIPO correspondence related to the registration and we will accept legal service from any third parties related to the registration (e.g. proof-of-use proceedings) – no charge
  • attending to updating the register with owner name change or changes to business address – $100.00 service fee; proof of name change required;
  • attending to recording an assignment document detailing a change in ownership – $100.00 service fee plus $100.00 Government fee per trade-mark and a copy of the signed assignment document required;

Supporting documents showing change in name or change in ownership should be submitted with this form.  Original documents are not required but must documents in languages other than English or French must be accompanied by a translation into English or French.

Advance payment required

We must receive your payment in advance before we will attend to the renewal and any optional services.

If you wish to make a payment by means other than credit card or PayPal account or if you have several trade-mark registrations requiring renewal, please do not use the online order form; instead please contact us by email listing the details of the trade-mark registration(s) and we will issue an invoice that may be settled by cheque or bank transfer.

Volume discounts are available for new engagements involving three or more registrations.

Right to decline engagement and refund fee

We reserve the right to decline the engagement for any reason including if the acceptance of your engagement would create a conflict of interest with any of our existing clients.  In the event that we must decline your engagement, we will return your fee in full by crediting the credit card or PayPal account used to make payment.