Trademark Representative for Service in Canada

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Trademark owners based outside of Canada must provide an address in Canada to which the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) may send correspondence relating to the trademark application for registration.

You will receive a Section 30(g) notice if your trademark application did not include an address in Canada to which CIPO can send correspondence.  Here is an example of what a Section 30(g) notice looks like.

Yates IP offers a special service to foreign Applicants who wish to deal with CIPO directly but require a Representative for Service in Canada for receiving and forwarding CIPO correspondence.  The cost of this service is a onetime flat fee of $250.00 per application and includes:

  • Filing a request with CIPO to record the appointment of Representative for Service and forwarding the official confirmation notice to the Applicant
  • Receiving all correspondence from CIPO and docketing all deadlines in our file docketing system
  • Forwarding an electronic copy of all CIPO correspondence to the Applicant with notification of any related deadlines for required action (note: no advice on the required action will be provided unless requested)
  • Issuing two reminders by email for any pending deadlines
  • Reviewing the Trade-marks Journal and forwarding an extracted copy of the published application
  • Maintaining an electronic copy of all correspondence between the Applicant and CIPO
  • Remaining on record as Representative for Service after the trademark is registered and forwarding any post registration correspondence

The Applicant would be responsible for corresponding directly with CIPO for responding to Examiner’s reports (office actions), declaring use of the trade-mark in Canada and paying the government registration fee.  Copies of any submissions made to CIPO should be also be sent to us to ensure our files are current and for tracking the progress of the application.

Of course, we are here to assist you with any part of the application process or you can hire us to take a more active role in advancing your application to registration.

Please contact us with any questions you have.

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