Filing the application

Getting help:

A core part of our business is in preparing and filing new trademark applications for registration.  We know the rules and requirements and how to deal with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) to avoid undue delays in processing and to advance the application as smoothly as possible.

CIPO accepts applications filed online, by fax or by post.   Yates IP uses the online filing system designed for Registered Trademark Agents for filing applications to register trademarks, certification marks and distinguishing guises.

Do it yourself:

CIPO strongly recommends hiring a Registered Trademark Agent to assist with preparing and filing a new application.  However, if you choose to prepare and file the application with CIPO yourself, you can:

Apply online:

  • Pay online using most major credit/debit cards
  • Take advantage of discounted government fee for filing the application electronically
  • Receive a filing confirmation and subsequent official filing notices by email

Or, if you submit your application by fax or post you can:

  • Download the appropriate application form from the CIPO website
  • Pay using most major credit/debit cards, a pre-registered deposit account, cheque or by money order (submitted by post only)
  • receive the official filing notice by post

CIPO will correspond directly with the Applicant if no Trademark Agent is involved.  However,  Applicants that do not reside in Canada or who have no place of business in Canada must comply with the requirements of Section30(g) of the Trademarks Act by appointing a Representative for Service in Canada to receive CIPO correspondence on behalf of the Applicant.

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